Apostles Prophets  Of East Texas

Open Heavens and Glory Outpouring In East Texas

Take Your Place

by Andy Madding

Our heart is to restore and activate the many called and chosen who have been discouraged and hid away. Called to help send those who have dreamed of accomplishing mighty things for the Kingdom of God. We see strengthening the Body of Christ and imparting a greater measure of anointing and gifts of the Holy Ghost to God's people. And you like us have gone through testing in the fiery

furnace, where God has fashioned a heart of passion in you and us for the Lord and His people. If you too desire to see those held in captivity by the god of this world set free, from every form of bondage and to see them grow up into the full measure of the stature of Christ, join us to train and equip God's people to fulfill their God given destiny and unite the Church of Jesus Christ.